About us…

Wawoto Kacel Cooperative Society Ltd – which means “Walking together” in Acholi – is a social art & crafts cooperative created in 1997 in Gulu, Northern Uganda, by a group of HIV positive women with the help of the Ugandan NGO Comboni Samaritans of Gulu and the Italian organization Good Samaritan Onlus.
Nowadays the Cooperative is composed by 80 working members and 6 working sections: embroidery, tailoring, tie and dye, weaving, beads and wishing cards.

Giving back dignity through work to people living in deep poverty and social ostracism because of AIDS stigmatization, handicaps or other conditions of vulnerability.

Trust in the empowerment process and promotion of the development of skills, talents and creativity with the aim of improving the quality life of Wawoto kacel Cooperative members.

Our history

Our social activities