Social activities and projects

“It is just when we recognize into one another that we start transforming ourselves”

Wawoto Kacel Cooperative is participating to FONDAZIONI4AFRICA Project as local partner of the Italian organization Good Samaritan Onlus. The project, promoted and finance by four Italian Grant Making Foundations (Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Compagnia San Paolo and Fondazione Cariparma), includes the managing and trading strengthening of the cooperative.

The cooperative members have free access to the internal clinic and to the hospital, thanks to the Comboni Samartitans of Gulu Health Department. Furthermore, many HIV/AIDS affected members receive the Anti-retroviral treatment and psychological support by a team of counselors. Thanks to Regione Piemonte and Ivrea Municipality we are improving these activities.

The members receive breakfast and one meal every day paying a cheap meal ticket. An adequate diet is a very important for sick people fighting against a weakening disease. In particular the Anti-Retroviral treatment must be supplied with a correct and sufficient  nutrition in order to avoid negative consequences on the health status of the patients. Nowadays the daily menu is not always appropriate. The diet assured includes meat not regularly.
Help us to improve their nutrition!

The bicycle is a very important means of transport in Africa. Most woman working in the cooperative have to walk long distances every day to reach the compound, in spite of the fact that they are weak and sick, and this worsens their health condition. For these women having a bicycle has always been a dream!
Thanks to a microcredit program, the members can buy a bicycle paying by 6 installments the 50% of its cost. At present 120 bicycles have been distributed.

The members that have not already had the possibility to make their dream come true …  they will do it soon!

Help us to increase our support for our vulnerable members!

Donate now or buy our products …the best way to spread dignity!


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