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Hospitality in Gulu

Dear visitor,

we are glad to inform you that we are now able to host you and your family for an unforgettable social experience at our Cooperative compound in Gulu.

Choose to spend your holidays with us!

We will accomodate you in a beautiful and quiet environment, with a wide open garden your children will love.


Prices per night*:

Single Bedroom – 30 USD

Double Bedroom (double-deck bed) – 45 USD

Twin Beds Deluxe Hut – 50 USD

* Prices are intended per-person-per-night and are inclusive of breakfast, lunch and supper, plus room cleaning service.


For booking requests or informations please contact:

WK Cooperative Society LTD


The Palm Recreational Garden


Come to visit us!

Sunflower Garden Panoramic View Double Deck Bed Bedroom Bathroom Twin Bed Bedroom Bathroom          Kitchen Corner  Dining Room    Twin Bed Bedroom